Today in Australia fires are raging out of control and leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.

So far, 27 people have been killed, including 3 volunteer firefighters; more than 25 million acres of bush, forests and parks have burned; almost 2,000 buildings have been destroyed; a staggering half a billion animals and birds have been killed and smoke has drifted 2,500 miles away to New Zealand.

Towns are being evacuated and Australians are literally running for their lives.

Veteran firefighters from California have flown in to help. But how can ordinary San Diegans – no strangers to deadly fires themselves – help?

The San Diego-Perth Sister City Society will be celebrating Australia Day 2020 on Saturday, January 25 in North Park. It’s a day to appreciate our close ties to this country “Down Under” with games, quizzes, food, beer, flags and hats.

But it’s also a time that we can help our friends by giving a few coins or dollars to save the people, the animals, the land, the towns.

Simply Click the button below to visit our Sister City site and donate $5, 10, 25, 1000 or any amount. The funds will go directly to the San Diego-Perth Sister City Society in Perth, Australia for distribution and rehabilitation to help save lives – the people, the animals, the birds and the land.

Thank you.